Q - Can I make particial payments?
        A - No tax bills must be paid in full
Q - Can I pay in advance?
        A - No, tax rates are not set
Q - How do you determine payment date?
        A - Date is determine by postmark or when dropped off in my drop box
Q - Where is my bill?
        A - If you have not received your bill please call or email the tax collector to get a copy
Q - Where is my Per Capita bill ( 9.80)?
        A - 2017 Board of Supervisors voted to eliminate the per capita bill
Q - Where is my receipt?
        A - Receipts are only mailed out if you send in both the taxpayer and tax collector copy of the bill along with a self- addressed stamped envelope
Q - Can I get a copy of previous years receipts?
       A - Yes.  There is a $1.00 fee for this service
Q - Can I make installments?
       A - Yes, but only on the school district bill.  1st installment must be made by 8/31 to choose this option.  2nd payment due 9/30 and 3rd payment due 10/31