1. County/Township
    Taxes are mailed by March 1st. This bill includes County Real Estate, County Library, Township Real Estate, Fire Tax and Street Light ( if applicable).
  2. CASD
    Taxes are mailed by July 1st. This bill includes Real Estate Tax for the Carlisle Area School District.
  3. Payment Due Dates
    Discount: 3/1 thru 4/30 Face: 5/1 thru 6/30 Penalty: 7/1 thru 12/31
  4. Payment Due Dates
    Discount: 7/1 thru 8/31 Face: 9/1 thru 10/31 Penalty: 11/1 thru 12/31 If paying installments: 1st installment must be made by 8/31 to choose this option.